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Yiannis Sakellarakis How to Cut & Disguise thinning hair

Yiannis will show us How to Cut & Disguise thinning hair with Kmax products


Tutorial Concealing Color Spray and Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers

-Yannis will use Kmax Concealing Color Spray in Medium Brown to cover Aki's thinning Hair Concealing Hair Fibers

How to Cut & Disguise thinning hair by Yiannis Sakellarakis, barber and hairdresser "Don Barber & Groom, Athens, Greece".

Yiannis will show you what you should and shouldn't do when you have fine, thinning hair. He'll use to complete the look in order to have fuller hair on the top of the head is to use a unique product that will give natural, full, thick hair instantly.

Yiannis will use two Kmax Products. The Kmax series is specialized in fine, thin and thinning hair. He'll combine Kmax Concealing Color Spray and Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers.


Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers is a revolutionary finely textured fiber substance that binds electrostatically to your existing thinning, fine and semitransparent hair, producing an incredible thickening effect in a matter of seconds and concealing the shiny areas of the scalp.

Available in 9 different natural shades of color:

Black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, blond, light gray, dark gray, white
And four different sizes: 3gr (Travel Size), 12,5gr (Regular Size), 27,5gr (Economy Size) and 55gr (Refill)


Kmax Colour spray is designed to hide the hair thinning in men and women with baldness problems, androgenetic alopecia, hair straighteners or just to give hair a better look.

Available in 6 different natural shades:

Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Gray
And two different sizes: 100ml (Regular Size) e 200ml (Economy Size)

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